ACF Equity Research is an independent issuer-pays research house selected as a best-in-class global equity research provider by the US’s OTC Markets Group,  and selected by the UK’s NEX for its issuer services research provider short list and as best-in-class Due Diligence provider for The Gibraltar Stock Exchange. ACF is also a preferred provider for other international exchanges.

ALSP Flash Note Hume ACF 24102018

ALSP Flash Note Dividends ACF 22102018

ALSP FY18A Post Results ACF 16102018

ALSP FY18E Pre-Results ACF 10092018

ALSP Flash Note 17072018

ALSP Flash Note 05072018

ACF ACE Liberty & Stone Flash Note 14062018

ACF ACE Liberty & Stone Flash Note 08012018

ACE Liberty & Stone FY17A Post-Results ACF 24102017

ACE Liberty & Stone 1H17A Post-Results ACF FINAL 06032017

ACF Results Note ACE (ALSP IND) FY16 24102016

ACF Valuation ACE Liberty & Stone 07102015