Ace Liberty & Stone has a Board of Directors with long and diverse experience and the huge range of contacts which is so vital in this particular line of business.

Our outsourced consultants have been chosen with great care.


  • Over half of our rental income comes from Government bodies. The rest is largely from Blue Chip companies and this surety of rental income is a strong feature of Ace Liberty & Stone.
  • Carefully managed lease expires enable us to plan the future of our portfolio in regard to retention or disposal.
  • A high standard of Corporate Governance is implemented with non-executive directors involved to safeguard shareholders’ interests.
  • Finance facilities are in place with top banks to enable us to seek out properties with confidence knowing that funding will be available to complete.
  • Ace has a Loan-to-value of 49.21%, at the lower end of the spectrum for this kind of activity.


Dividend History

Ace Liberty and Stone plc dividend payment history.

Year ended Paid Pence per share
30-Apr-14 30/05/2014 Interim 0.6
30-Apr-15 15/05/2015 Interim 0.75
30-Apr-16 3/6/2016 Interim 0.83
30-Apr-17 14/07/2017 Interim 1
30-Apr-18 26/07/2018 Interim 1.25
30-Apr-19 9/11/2018 First Interim 0.83
30-Apr-19 2/5/2019 Second interim 0.83

Portfolio and Growth

portfolio and growth

Revenue and Profit Growth

Revenue and Profit Growth

Share Price

share price graph


Successfully selecting properties to be a part of its portfolio is critical to Ace’s progress. The status of a property’s tenants is carefully assessed for surety of rental income along with its potential for other uses in the future…